1.0 Mile Happy Walk | Walk at Home | Walking Workout


One of our most popular MILES …. thank you Walkers!
This Video replaced the version that had a slight “freeze” …. sorry about that … enjoy this one “freeze free!”

Happy Walks to our faithful Walkers!

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Leslie Sansone's Walk at Home
Walk at home workout



  • Brandi Mathis

    Really like this one and glad it was re uploaded the first one had a glitch.

  • Katie Darlene Bisagno

    Yay you guys got rid of the glitch! I love this workout mile!

  • d jackson

    You know what I love about Leslie? She’s real. She not wearing skimpy clothes. She’s not trying to show off her body. Most of the women in these videos dress like they trying to attract men. She’s direct and on point. Great video!

  • pluckingflowers

    Just squeezed this in before midnight. Never too late to get that workout in, right?

  • Marwa Alyafie

    It’s been 1 month I do this daily .. I can see the result now & everybody notice also 😍 You’re amazing 😍 thanks alot.. 💥💥

    • Jarrett Zhang

      tuba songür 😄

    • deepthy pradeep

      Marwa Alyafie
      Pls inform me. ..how many times I have to repeat this for good result?

    • C Antonio

      I also have the same question and i know a lot of people have the same question is it just a mile or multiples miles

    • Joanna Ross

      To those asking how many days until you see results- after the first walk you will feel great! Change is different for everyone and also depends on if you are into it or just showing up; where your starting point is and how your diet is among so many other factors. I love Leslie and a lot of other down to Earth fitness people because they focus on holistic health not promises of sux packs that can’t be kept. Do it for your health and see the results you get in and out for yourself! As Leslie says (I paraphrase) it’s never a mistake to go for a walk.

    • Joanna Ross

      And her videos are paced roughly 15 mins per mile. So this one is one mile.

  • Laura Gray

    I LOVE this video! I LOVE the people in it! So great! How do I get more of this crew and this music!?

  • TeamRocket Deoxys

    Which dvd does this come from because this is one of my favorites..I have most of her dvd’s by far this is my favorite

  • javon wilson

    i do this video 5 times a day or the 3 mile walk 2 times a day and in one month i losed 43 pounds

    • Dreamer Jewel

      That’s great. I hope you don’t mind me asking, but did you change your diet in anyway?

    • Chosen Jacobs

      javon wilson wow….

    • amnazulqadar

      javon wils

    • shani.p Anakkara

      wow its amazing ……great work thank u fr ur motivation…any diet during that mnth pls tell…

    • Akai Otinashi

      I hope you spoke to your doctor. It’s not healthy to lose that much weight so quickly. The only people I’ve ever seen loose that much weight in a month were on My 600lb life and it was physically impossible for them to work out so often

  • Ms Bossy

    Omg today was the first day I did this and omg I have got to get it together lol. If you do what she says to do correctly you will feel it and hold your stomach in omg I felt everything. My plan is to do this everyday. Thank you for sharing this video 🙂

  • Marsha Brothers

    Day 3 still trying to get the rhythm and my balance. Did one and a half times Maybe 76 is too old for this but I am trying.

  • Becky Jo Mentzer

    Does anyone know if you can get this workout on a DVD? She mentions 4 miles, but it’s only 1 mile. I love this workout and would love to have it on DVD. I’ve been walking to Leslie for a long time, but went thru a period of no workouts and gained like crazy. I’ve been serious now for over 2 years and walk daily! I walked my way out of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and type 2 diabetes – no meds – just walking and counting calories – down 74 pounds! BTW I’m 66 years old so if I can do it anyone can do it!

  • Kelly Bejelly

    What dvd is this part of? I would like to buy it

  • Destinee Merritt

    I’ve been doing this for about 2 weeks along with the floor ab video that is on this channel, and I am impressed! I can already see results. I don’t stand on scales, so I can’t say exactly how many pounds I lost. However, in just 2 weeks I am noticeably slimmer. My tummy is even becoming flatter. I didn’t really go on much of a diet. I still ate; I just decided to be reasonable (Less sugar and junk food, only drink water). This workout may not seem like it would do much, but trust me it does!
    Thank You Leslie Sansone!

    • truthstands4ever

      Scales are over-rated, that’s for sure. It’s better to weigh 200 pounds of muscle than 150 pounds of flab. Inches lost around the waist is a great way to measure health gains. Way to go!

  • Mama Jenn

    I know I’ve commented before, but I had to comment again. THANK YOU for posting these, Leslie! I love that no matter how I’m feeling, no matter how busy I get…I CAN workout, even if it’s “just” 15(all walks of life, Leslie will make sure you workout your whole body) minutes! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    Blessings to you!

  • Maxx Fotos

    This woman has saved my life with her methods of working out. I was 300 kilos and could hardly walk from one end of the house to another, her work out routines have allowed me not only to get fitter BUT to do it privately in my own home, and what has been even more rewarding IS i got fit and love it! I am less than half the woman today and thank you Leslie you are my life saver! Love your workouts and love doing them!

    • Therecia Mae Chavez

      Maxx Fotos shibashi

    • Alterjunkie

      The part I love most is that we can do it in the privacy of our home and they’re very easy to do, I loveeeee them. They are helping me tremendously 🙂

    • Asiya Mirvin

      Wow! Well done and thank you for sharing. That is inspiring =)

    • Michelle Attard

      Maxx Fotos thanks for sharing. I’m trying to lose weight too and yes I hate going out to walk due to my size. Today I did this walk for the first time… hoping for the best for all of us struggling with weight😅

  • Alison Colsh

    Thanks for this – I’ve got fibromyalgia and I can’t get out on my own so I’ve always loved the Walk at Home DVDs. I fully ruptured my achilles tendon last July and have been unable to exercise until today. This video has lifted my spirit and wasn’t too painful for me to achieve! I love it 🙂

  • Berny34

    I’m 45 years old and I weigh 465 pounds and I stopped working 5 years ago. I no longer wanted to shut myself up on myself and wanted to start living again.

    I went around several video of training on YT and this video 1.0 Mile Happy Walk suited me well. It’s been 4 days since I started and I already feel a difference. I do this twice a day.

    The animation is motivating and it’s good to help me go all the way.

    thank you very much

  • Teleasa Becton

    I’m 5’4 and 220 lbs and when I say I was struggling to get through the whole thing….but I did it! Going to continue to do this for a whole month and then come back with results. this is day 1 !

    • Kierra Richardson

      you can do it keep going!

      pray God give you strength.

    • Jacki Wheeler

      Don’t give up! I’m 55 and have been doing this for a long time. One day at a time!!

    • La Tasha Watson

      Do the 1 mile for every single day for 30 days and drink plenty of water. You WILL see the difference. After the month is up try to pick it up with a 2 mile, every day for 30 days. After that, 3 mile walk is next for 30 days. I know there’s a five mile that she does but if that’s too much I would switch up. The three mile for five fays a week and then maybe yoga for the weekend. All low impact and stretching.

  • Ebony Rodriguez

    Does this woman ever age?!! Was doing her workouts 20 years ago! She still looks amazing.

  • Leslie Sansone's Walk at Home

    One of our most popular MILES …. thank you Walkers!
    This Video replaced the version that had a slight “freeze” …. sorry about that … enjoy this one “freeze free!”

    Happy Walks to our faithful Walkers!