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  • Micki Nicol

    Thank so much for this video!  I’m 67 years old and have fibromyalgia.  This is perfect for me right now — long enough to get heart rate up and get my butt moving but not too long or hard.  Looking forward to doing this several times per week — and then moving up to the 2 mile walk!!! 

  • BiggestMahomie

    hi mrs lansone im your fan… im from Turkey… thank you very much

    • Nameless Girl

      Rica :3

    • ikidnapwaffles

      +Nameless Girl ben de senin dediklerini yaparak 15 kilo falan vermiştim ama sonra ygs lys diyince 13ü geri geldi tabi 🙂 sonra yarısını geri verdim 😀 şimdi bunu ilk hafta 1 mil 2. hafta 2 mil 3. hafta 3 mil olarak mı uygulamamız gerekiyor? ve sonrasında 3e devam mı nasıl olacak 😀

    • Nameless Girl

      İlla öyle yapmana gerek yok, sadece ben öyle yapıoyrum. 3 milden sonra ek olarak bir kaç haraket yapabilirsin.

    • ata yeter

      +Nameless Girl merhaba siz haftada 1.5 kg verdim dediniz ya hergun bu videoyu yaparak mi verdiniz yoksa + egzersizlerde kattiniz mi simdiden tesekkurler

    • chinaraa aliyeva

      Nameless Girl bir sey sorucam benim arkadawımın bacakları zayıfdı bu 1 mile yaptıkdan sonra bacakları büyüdü yani nasıl deyim kilo almıs gibi oldu bu yaptığı 1 mıledan ola bilirmi?

  • safiyyah

    Tryna Walk Off 51 Pounds Wish Me Luck!

    • veeda oakley

      +safiyyah , me 2

    • Mantratantra Yantra

      +safiyyah Any luck with this video.. want to incorporate it daily.. need to loose 20 pounds

    • EbolaSandwich

      +safiyyah When trying to lose weight, 80% of it is Diet. The walking will boost your metabolism, and tone your muscles, but your diet will determine weight loss. (Portion Control.)

    • EbolaSandwich

      +safiyyah ..And Good Luck! (Keep walking of course. 🙂 )

  • Theresa Snedden

    second week of walking at home, need to walk off 60: lost 4 pounds so far only 56 more to go….. and I am feeling energized and and excited. I CAN DO IT. wish me luck as we walk away those pounds…..

    • LaDonna Hamlin

      Theresa Snedden join me at my FB PAGE “getting lean & healthy with Plexus” with LaDonna Hamlin. I am starting a challenge tomorrow and am looking for people to join me. Are you in? No obligations, just encouragement.

    • AnnaCaitlyn

      You got this!

    • Ruthie

      Theresa Snedden Did you do it?

    • Leticia Guerra

      Theresa Snedden , Good luck There’s! I’m starting my plan too. I’ve done these walking videos before and I lost 80pounds😃 then I met my husband to be and I blew it! 😞, But I’m ready to start again!

    • alfred belford

      well i need to lose 100 so I will join you …

  • Velma Springer-Lewis

    God bless you Leslie .I have been trying to go to the gym for a long time now. I can do it in my house it’s more convenient this way. I feel great, I sleep better , breathe better. My blood pressure and cholesterol are lower. Thank you so much.

  • karishma458

    I have been using this 1 mile as a warm up and then doing the 3 miles… 5 days a week. I already lost 9 lbs. with doing this two weeks ago. In total I have lost 40 lbs. since I started my healthy lifestyle change.

  • summyb

    I’ve walked with Leslie for years to help me through the stress of caring for my Mom who was dying from cancer, and after to help me in the care of my father (who is going strong at 85). Recently a heel injury has prevented me from doing my daily hikes, so I went back to Leslie, and didn’t realize how much I’ve missed her. These are such great multi-muscle walks, and this one is perfect for relieving stress at the end of the day. Thank you Leslie, for giving me so much strength through the years.

  • Ethel Brooks

    Starting to walk today with 1 mile, need to lose 60 lbs, have bad knees but I am determined to get thru this.

    • Nazirah Walker

      Elmo the musical

    • J.Elaine Francis

      how are you doing? I have bad knees and bad back but want to lose weight too…hope you are still doing this!!!

    • flygirl Wineland

      Rome wasn’t built in one day, either. Just do what you can each day without hurting yourself, and your strength will increase with each day. Please don’t give up! I’m 68 years old, have high blood pressure. I’ve been walking strong with Leslie’s workouts 6 miles every day and feel great. Walking really helps in every health aspect 🙂 Keep walking strong !!!

    • Yasin Kaplan

      Ethel Brooks h5c ¥€£€79#,&)(,+@×^ *),zs


    I absolutely LOVE ❤ your walking vids. You are awesome.

  • LaShaunta Tanksley

    I love Leslie..she has helped me go from 279 to 254…Need to lose the last 40 or so…lol..Wish me luck….

    • Sierra Foster

      How long did you use this in order to lose that amount of weight?

    • LaShaunta Tanksley

      it took me a few months i think…it was back when my doctor had her exercise plan in a program called Solutions for Wellness..back in 2009…im up to 259.,.steady losing..just gotta eat right…leslie is fun and she’s motivating..and its simple to do…hope that helps!!

    • LaShaunta Tanksley

      oh and sierra..i stopped doing the program for some time ..but have been back on it..consistency is key …all you need is 3-4 days a week…good luck!!

  • Barbara Jamison

    74 years young. Keeping it moving with Leslie Sonsone

  • Tamika Hawkins

    This video blesses me every time. Count your blessings!

  • Pokegojirex 5000

    Great way to start off a busy day and feel confident and proud to be fit and healthy.

  • FrancescaDonnaMarie

    This is just what I needed to keep my daily activity up, especially when the weather is bad and for late at night when I don’t want to go outside and walk alone. Thank you.

  • loverdose 61

    i am fasting but i did it easily, thank u

  • Yasemin Beyza Kaya

    Hiç Türk yok mu ya 😀

  • Jasmine Gipson

    I am pregnant and overweight so I do this walk morning and night leaves me feeling great and keeps my blood pressure under control will never allow myself to be unhealthy again thanks leslie I love you

    • life is beautiful

      Jasmine Gipson I am also pregnant 7month now Dr told me I am overweight dose this walking will help me keep control on my weight I hv 2month only.now I am 157lb my hight is 5.5

    • Charu Kapoor

      God’s child Is dis workout is safe during pregnancy????plzzz reply soon

  • Paws Of Love

    Thank you Leslie just did this walk with you and I’m sweating and felt a tinkling in my legs afterward . That is good circulation in motion WHOO HOOO. Thank you for sharing .God Bless You! Shalom

  • Jayonna's Daily Vlogs

    This walk shows tremendous results if you want weight loss! I’ve been doing this video for 5 days while not eating after 6:00 and eating right of course, and I’ve been losing a pound a day! I know I shouldn’t weigh everyday but the scale has been calling my name and it hasn’t wronged me yet! For anyone trying to lose weight, keep going! You can do it!

  • Leslie Sansone's Walk at Home

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