12-Minute Fat Burning Power Walk Home Workout


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Need a quick energy boost? Trying to rack up a few more steps today? Join certified fitness instructor Jessica Smith for this short, powered up walk that includes a few fun intervals to mix up your steps and get you sweating!

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Oh and be sure to look out for Peanut the french bulldog who joins us for this walk (well, in her own way)!

Level: All

Equipment: None

Intensity: Moderate


10-Minute Toning Walk http://bit.ly/PzBO6l

10-Minute Interval Walk http://bit.ly/1kxQPzF

10-Minute Quick Stretch http://bit.ly/1hKGnFM

This walk helps burn calories, burn fat, build aerobic endurance and coordination with moves like:
Marching in place
Walking in place
Walking in all directions
Lateral Side Steps
Hamstring Curls
Figure-8 Agility Drill
Jumping Jacks
Heel Digs
High Knee Marches
Double Side Steps
Knee Lifts
Standing Ab Crunch

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  • Melissa Liming

    Jessica, my 5 year old now does this with me – she said she wants to be just like you. 🙂

  • Jackie Mc

    Fab Jessica! Just finished the remaining four walking workouts on your “Walkathon”. Really enjoyed the variety and the music was great too!. Fun walking to Rachmaninov and Rossini as well as other music. Peanut was so funny during the Turkey Trot. Thanks so much for putting together this Walkathon. It is includes a few of my favourites and a couple I haven’t done before. See you tomorrow.

  • Dilesh Perera

    great Jessica, thanks a lot, the workout was very good for a first timer as well

  • ritzee queen

    how many calories can be burned with this workout

  • Adeeya Hashma

    hey love this one this is what I looking for:) can u please tell me what I eat before workout ? and can we do this workout all days ? or 2 or 4 days ? because I’m too lazy and I’m not healthy 🙁

  • savory icon

    adding 1 view to your video each day, excellent workout thank you

  • Shelley Lawrence

    Absolutely loved this one!! Your top is really cute also. ? Peanut.

  • Lynn Romano

    Still loving this! Thanks, Jessica!

  • Ania Perelmuter

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2017 Jessica and Peanut!

  • Marina Mori

    Thank you, Beautiful Jessica. It feels soooooooo good to do this quick power walk

  • Janet Max

    Love it. I get nicely warmed up in 12 minutes, and get some steps, in first thing in the morning. Because of a hamstring injury, I’m really achy and stiff when I first wake up, and this workout helps me get past it FAST.

  • Margaret Demchak

    Hi Jessica. While I’m not in the least athletic, or even well-coordinated, I’ve always walked regularly (I’m British, we walk). Now I’m 75 and in good health, but live in Maine so winter walking can be a problem. A couple of winters ago I didn’t walk very much at all, and at my annual check-up my blood pressure and blood sugar were not great. I’ve never had problems like that before and I think the regular walking has been the key. These short walking videos have been a godsend this winter – my blood pressure and cholesterol count have been back to normal and my blood sugar has dropped significantly. Thanks Jessica for helping an older lady to continue to enjoy life.

  • TheShiv234

    This is awesome!!!!✔✔✊?

  • Catherine Yacobellis

    awesome video and great for busy schedules. How many calories are burned during this workout?

  • Saphire Brann Nicol

    I loved the boot camp workout it was great i will back trommow morning again differently making also part of my morning rouite thank for making this boot camp voido .

  • Wanda Carpenter-Morrow

    Great video! just what I needed to get my blood flowing in the morning……I did it at work around my desk……will try again after lunch. Thanks

  • K H-C

    Great way to sneak in a quick workout and get that heart pumping! I especially enjoy this before a round of strength training to feel well-rounded for the day.

  • تقى العزاوي

    thank you for this so simple and healthy workout… it is so wonderful