3 Fast & Fun Miles – Mile 3 | Walk at Home Workout


SNOW DAY! There’s “REALLY” No Place Like Home…to WALK Yourself Healthy! Here’s a fun 1 Mile for your SNOW DAY! Happy Walking Everybody!


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Leslie Sansone's Walk at Home
Walk at home workout



  • Nickki' Tobago

    I hope they dont take this down

  • teevcee77

    omg, i love that guy in the gray and red shirt!😆

  • Paula Brown

    PLEASE post more of Leslie’s newer videos like this!!! Thank you!!! BTW…where are miles 1&2?

  • morenabella

    the guy in the gray is hilarious. he’s at a real party doing the electric slide lol

  • sowseed

    Been walking with you for years!😄

  • teresa-isme

    Started walking with you December 10th 2016 and have lost 40lbs so far! Love it! Thank you.

    • Melissa Warner

      did you do just the walking program or did you add a diet in there too? Im trying to lose 30 pounds of baby weight. How long did it take you to lose the 40 pounds and how much a day did you workout? Sorry for the questions but im just determined to lose this weight and I love to hear how other people do it too 🙂

    • Lulu Montanez

      teresa-isme nnnnnnnnnmmmmmmnnvfssz

    • Lulu Montanez

      teresa-isme vbbgjmk

    • Sinful S

      Congratulations! I’m not losing weight but my blood lipid numbers are tumbling so I’m encouraged.

    • Jan Dye

      Been walking 4-6 mile daily 10,000 to 17,000 steps a day around local estates bloody SNOW stopped play so I found you on YouTube and am so grateful just tried first three of your walking workouts on here and will do the same this afternoon thank you you are amazing 👍😘

  • Teneilee Love

    l will be doing this three times a day starting tomorrow

  • Heaven Mosley

    guy in grey shirt is the life of this party. good energy and attitude. great video!!!!

  • Cassandra Berry

    l just love the guy in the grey shirt i’m working out and laughing at the same time

  • Noelia Noliz

    As someone that has had 4 hernia surgeries, has arthritis of the knee, asthma, cysts on ovaries, and Grave’d Disease, I am proud to say I can finally do a work out. Thank you for this. I used to be an extremely active person until I got arthrits 3 years ago. I would love to be half as active as before. I appreciate this video. The guy in gray is hilarious. He made my day ☺

  • بنت الشمري

    من متابعين ههذه القناة لكم مني كل الشكر جسمي صار رشيق ومتناسق بعد تطبيقي لتمارينكم نص ساعه بالنهار و نص ساعه بالليل واحيانا فقط الليل وصرت رشيقه وانشد الجلد عندي الحمدلله ..

    • M R

      كم شهر استمريتي عليه ؟

    • M R

      وكم كان وزنك قبل وبعد ياليت تجاوبيني لان هالشي بيحفزني

    • Safsaf Ware

      بنت الشمري قولى لنا تجربتك بالتفصيل ارجوك ى

    • Hind Mohamed

      حكيلنا كام كان وزنك واديش صار بليز

    • mohand s

      بنت الشمري …جد ياقلبي وكم جلستي عليها اناقالت لي الدكتوره استمر عليها وابي أحد جرربتهااا….

  • Larisa Sunshine

    Lol the guy in grey is really special. Wow. Very funny indeed

  • NIghtlight

    I love the guy in the grey shirt. Totally entertaining!

  • Kairs Naught

    I really enjoyed Michael’s enthusiasm, but at times, he was louder than Leslie which was very distracting. Even she seemed distracted by him at certain parts. I know Leslie’s videos tend to have a “hype person” in each group, but she really doesn’t need it when she’s so cheery, bubbly and motivating on her own. Still, thank you for yet another great video! And ultimately, I hope Michael keeps on smiling. 🙂

    • Chameeika Ormsby

      The best simple work out for me.start doing this walk a month now!

    • Spiderking 2923

      I like Micheal’s energy

    • shennel courtney

      Kairs Naught I don’t think so he was the life of the party! He kept me going!

    • Silver Sun Fairy

      He wasn’t bothering me. I was cracking up! I enjoyed him. Also, no offense to Leslie but a few of the “hype people,” as you call them, she gets for her videos are a little phony. Meaning it’s clear to me that they’re acting. This guy is the real deal. He is genuinely enjoying himself! I love it.

  • Sukayna Omi

    I have been walking with you for a while now,there is a difference ,I like the fact that I do it alone, because am really big and I feel uncomfortable around others , you are so alive you just give me a lot of energy to go on, initially I was 108kg right now am 100kg and I feel good about it,i love you and your work all the way from Kenya .

  • Mary I

    Guys stop hating on the guy in the grey shirt. He is making the walk lively and he’s having fun. It’s supposed to be a fun walk and he’s having fun. Go guy

    • klári geiszler

      Waithiki, Nobody is hating everybody is loving that guys in grey shirt, really what are you reading?

    • Purple Lee

      klari geiszler Read the comments above, then you will know for yourself what she is reading. Apparently you missed some comments

    • klári geiszler

      Yeah, I saw it later on. How sad. People can only hate others for their vitality or cuteness. It is all about jealousy.

    • Nieves Nieves

      Waithiki Irungu Caso cerrado

    • Silver Sun Fairy

      Read down further in the comments. There are some people complaining in the comments section that he’s annoying and distracting. I think he’s hilarious and fun! Different strokes for different folks.

  • Francine Harris

    Why are some people so negative about this guy. He is being himself and not being fake like most people. Life is sometimes so stressful we need to have a little fun and enjoy ourselves. We can’t change our makeup even if we try.

  • sonasingh131

    grey guy is the cutest <3

  • shennel courtney

    The guy with the grey t-shirt is so funny! I really enjoy this episode of walking lol!

  • mizz confidence

    Leslie u are the best….God Bless You…