Hi, I’m Gary Hawkins, founder of walkyourweightoff.com

As the name implies, this site is primarily dedicated to two topics, losing weight and walking.

Why is walking so great for weight loss? Walking is great for two primary reasons:

1- Pretty much everyone can exercise by walking

Due to health concerns or other issues not everyone can run, do high impact aerobics or other forms of intense exercise. However, pretty much anyone and everyone can walk. Walking is something we already do every day so why not take your walking to the next level as a way to lose some weight?

2- Walking consistently and persistently is great for weight loss.

The other downside of running or high impact exercise is they have pretty high burnout rates. People just don’t stick with those forms of exercise. Walking is something that is natural and easier on your body so people stick with walking for longer periods of time. The key to losing weight is being consistent and persistent with your eating and exercise, walking can provide the long term exercise you need.

Keep coming back to walkyourweightoff.com as we will continually update the site with new information concerning the topics of both weight loss and walking.

I hope you find some information here that inspires you and really helps you on your weight loss journey!

Gary Hawkins