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Beach Walking for all Ages

Beachwalking is great exercise – in this video we learn about a group of senior citizens who use the scenic boardwalk in Manhattan Beach, California to stay in shape all year round and practice for ambitious multi-day hikes on nearby Catalina Island. "You can go from town to town and actually see more than on just on a morning walk. The importance of having the long distance is an entirely different experience."

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Did You Know? We’re Eating Less, But Walking Less

The United States walks the least of any industrialized nation. As with many forms of physical activity, walking has been engineered out of many lifestyles. Even though we are eating less compared to our ancestors, our lack of physical activity is offsetting most benefits from a better diet. See how this is having a negative impact on our health.

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Walkers Speak

Walking is about the easiest thing you can do to get healthy. Hear how everyday walkers are benefiting from getting out and about, and how they incorporate walking into their everyday lives. They explain how this form of natural, consistent exercise is also a great way to spend some quality time with those around you. Plus, it'll keep your legs looking great. Try to keep up as these movers share their experiences. Get more information at: […]

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Walk for Health

The classic phrase "Walking is man's best medicine," is even more timely today. This is particularly true in industrialized societies where people rather drive than walk. Regular walking improves general health and longevity, reduces the risk of coronary disease, helps lower blood pressure, increases bone density and reduces cholesterol. Best of all, walking is free!

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Walking Buddies: Finding Motivation

Walking can be a solo journey, but finding a walking companion or club can keep it interesting — and keep you motivated. Learn how to find a walking buddy that fits your walking goals and schedule. Get more information at: Friend us on Facebook at: Follow us on Twitter at:!/everybodywalk Get familiar with us at Pinterest at: Join us on Tumblr at: Get to us on Google+ at:

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