iWalk Strong 3 Mile Walk (Walk at Home)


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Leslie Sansone's Walk at Home
Walk at home workout
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  • lixy75

    Hi Leslie, I was doing the 3 mile walk, where you do at the end some squad and lift the leg , I was doing it for the past 4 months, I got use to the one, if you can please post it, or if you can tell me where can I order it, thank you, you have help me get healthier, thankx

  • Donna Arnold

    Thanks for posting a few of your workout videos, I know all your other ones have been removed from other peoples channels, I’m a little gutted, as I used them for the past few month. Loved the pace of the 3 mile walk with Mary Kate in #SistersInSweat, lol. Please repost it and also the 4 mile one with Jimmy Jimmy in it. Highly recommend people get walking with your workout DVDs

  • Evelyn Zijl

    Hi Leslie,
    I have worked out with you for the last 2 years and I love it!
    But sadly enough you removed the 2 miles and yhe 3 miles with Mary Kay.
    I miss them.
    I also miss the stretch out in this video in the cooling down.
    Can you post the other ones again please?
    I work out with you 5 days a week and feel great!
    Thanks so much.
    Evelyn from The Netherlands.

    • 903ramram

      +Evelyn Zijl yes mary kay videos were grrrrt t…………..I do want them posted

    • Kathleen Pludums

      +Evelyn Zijl check out http://www.half.com they carry a lot of old stuff and see if your favorite one i there. You may have to keep checking back.

    • Evelyn van Zijl

      +Kathleen Pludums Thanx Kathleen.
      I checked it out but I don’t want to buy.
      But thanks for thinking with me.

    • princessjaks7

      +Evelyn Zijl I loved the video with Mary too, so I did a search and found it on dailymotion.

    • Evelyn van Zijl

      +princessjaks7 Hai!
      Thanks for sharing!
      I found it and I’m very happy, now I can exercise with my favourite video again!

  • NuniToons

    I am 63 and started walking with your Walk At Home videos, after having a heart attack last year.  Thank you so much for sharing some of these, as they are just perfect for me, and for working up to some of the other videos, farther walking, plus toning. The videos and positive encouragement and your enthusiasm are wonderful!  I love the everyday people you include in your videos as well! Thank you so much!  

  • Emma Lopez

    Ugh all the awesome videos got deleted… Now I’m making a list of the DVDs I’m gonna ask Santa this Christmas lol

  • junbug1029

    Leslie I have several of your DVDs and love them. I really like the HIIT workouts. When are you coming out with new DVDs? Can’t wait!

  • junbug1029

    Leslie, where can I buy this dvd?

    • Liz

      +safapi its good to have the DVD or download because some of the workouts somehow gradually get removed. I had a few workouts in my Bookmarks and when I clicked on them, the workouts where removed citing Copywright claims.

    • Aa

      +Elizabeth MacConnachie Oh, now I agree with you, so this is the reason I can’t find a workout wich I have used last summer…

    • Liz

      proberly,  sometimes you go on you tube and end up finding out the workout you like to do has been removed from you tube.  

    • Khadija Mounim


    • Sudha Kati

      will it stay if we save

  • Baby1mAStar

    I don’t think the lady at the end understood what ‘cooling’ down meant. Loved the rest of the video though.

  • Aa

    You are great Leslie! I have tried lots of workouts but only yours I can do till the end. I lost 10 kg and I want to continue. Thank you so much!

    • Aa

      Don’t eat : potatoes, pasta, cookies, bread, sweets, sausage and all kind of precooked. Don’t dreak cola!!! You may eat even pork meat it doesn’t matter that is a little fat. 2 years ago I keeped a severe diet and these workouts, until this summer 7 kilos came back! I like to eat sweets and potatoes. I tried another diet, mentioned from the beginning, now I feel better , I ‘m not hungry whole time like 2 years ago, with that strict diet. I lost 5 kilos again . It is easyer when you loose weigh together with smn. If you want we can chat on FB

    • Maryan Said

      I am 19 years old and I am 70 kilos so I want to lose 30 kilos maximum in 4 month to be 40 kilos. What can I do. Help

    • Maryan Said

      We can chat on Facebook

    • Aa

      one year has passed but I’m stil with Leslie’s workouts!!!

  • Nioaka Bayingana

    Great workout for a lazy day. However, according to my fit bit, it’s around 5000 steps, not 11,000.

    • AN HE

      +Nioaka Bayingana 11,000 steps would be equivalent to about 5.5 miles. So it definitely shouldn’t be that many. I think 5,000 to 6,000 steps is about right for a 3mile walk.

    • kag685

      +Nioaka Bayingana, I was about to comment the same thing. Nice energetic walk but only about 2 miles according to my FitBit.

    • AN HE

      Also if you are wearing fitbit on your wrist, remember that it isn’t counting times when you are using the band, or putting your arms out while you walk

    • Mistaa Rizaa

      Nioaka Bayingana

    • Prabalya Prabalya

      I love you

  • Warriorchick 75

    I love walking with Leslie!! I am down over 50lbs and am well on my way to fit, strong and healthy! Keep the dvds coming because I am doing this for life!!!

    • Warriorchick 75

      Hayley Miller I’ve always kept my carb intake moderate but have recently started reducing my intake little by little. Replacing with more protein and good fats.

    • Susan James

      Warriorchick 75 great job☺️

    • Lawanda Razor

      this is my second day working out I love it

    • Sally Simms

      Warriorchick 75 how long did it take you to lose 50lbs

    • Vincent Kennedy McMahon

      Warriorchick 75 you lost weight because you changed your eating, not because of these bullshit workouts. Anyone who can talk throughout there hole workout is bullshiting you there workout. When I go the gym I can’t stand anyone talking to me when am doing sets

  • Senanur Acar

    türk varmı türk 😀

  • Deb M

    I too lost 30 walking with Leslie. I was involved in an accident and gained 40. So I’m back at it again. Now that I can. I also have several. My favorite is the 5 mile walk boosted walks. You can start and stop at any place

  • Teresa h

    I’m down 1lb. a day, walking with leslie and not eating after 7pm. Leslie is the truth!

  • bella angel

    i just finished three and one half miles using this video. (p.s. i’m 60 yrs. old and i never have pain or injuries from Leslie Sansone videos 🙂

  • Felicia Hall

    I lost 7lbs in 2 weeks doing this video 5 days/wk. I have been eating healthier as well! I love this video, and I didn’t even have to leave my house. As soon as I have the extra money, I’m buying Miracle Miles!

  • Diep. io Türkiye

    Türkler Nerdeeeeee?

    • Mekke Medine

      Çiğdem Taş harika…tebrik ederim..başka şeylerde yaptınızmı beslenmede neye dikkat ettiniz bende çok uğraşıyorum kilo verebilmek için ayda 1 yada 1.5 ancak verebiliyorum😔

    • Derya Turan

      Mekke Medine Tuz ,şeker tüketmemeye çalışın ekmek,makarna gibi fazla yemeyin kesinlikle günde 2 Litre su içmeye bakın sağlıklı beslenin . Biz türkler genelikte herşeyi bol yağda pişirir ederiz ama gerek yok 😊

    • Seher Cetin

      Diep. io Türkiye

    • Mel s

      burdayız:) bende yeni baslıyorum.dısarda 80 dk yürüyorum ama sanki bu daha etkili gibi geldi

    • xiaoying lin

      Diep. io Türkiy

  • Leslie Sansone's Walk at Home

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  • Julie LibraArt70

    I love this work out! And Leslie is such a great instructor! The positive energy she exudes in every work out is inspiring! I walk with her at least 4-5 times a week! :O)

  • سارة العراقية بسم الله

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    • Soha 93

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