NORDIC WALKING – An Introduction & How To!


Achieve, Maintain & Restore Mobility & ATTITUDE!
Improve Endurance, Strength, Posture, Joint Health & Bone Density WITHOUT increasing perceived exertion!. Easy-to-learn, this activity gets anyone moving & grooving. For lots more info (including free purchase consultation form), check out:

Walking with poles is an amazing activity for cross training, weight loss and exercise! Walking with ATTITUDE helps to restore spinal rotation which can restore spine function and help general back health.



  • Adventure Buddies

    Thanks very much, Nordic Walking is great cross training!

  • Adventure Buddies

    Thanks very much! Helping folks preserve joints & enjoy the outdoors is so rewarding! Gyms are so solitary, connecting with friends while walking is GREAT!

  • Adventure Buddies

    Tripping is BAD. Try snugging your elbows into your side, squeezing your shoulder blades down your back (scapular depression) and notice that your forearms angle out just a bit. Even 1/2 inch will help prevent the poles crossing in front of you. check my website for more tips? AdventureBuddies . NET
    Happy Walking!

  • Adventure Buddies

    Glad you liked our posting. I would be quite interested in learning more about how you teach. You can reach me via my website: AdventureBuddies. NET

  • jdrower

    Jayah rocks! Your love of the sport and generosity are constantly inspiring. Wish I were on Tam now! JD

  • Gimpdiggity

    This is a great video. I saw some of these poles in a local store and wondered what they were. Before taking the plunge on buying them I noted what they were called and came home to do some research. This video has me sold. It looks like a fun and easy to do exercise for someone like me!!!

  • Pavignon


  • Kalena Clark

    Great video but I’m confused; shouldn’t the grip be released as swing back? It doesn’t show that in this video. Also, does anyone know how to increase the exertion for a more challenging walk using the poles? I am addicted to Nordic walking! Everyone should try it!

  • Cymeon Maksymalny

    Are they using gaiters? What for?

  • Sue Outlaw

    Nordic walking is something I see more of in my neighborhood—there’s a great new book, Nordic Walking for Total Fitness, that shows how to Nordic walk and tells about the fitness benefits everyone will get from it–very fun new way to work out!

  • psb1964

    Wow! how did people ever manage to walk before without these amazing sticks?

  • Cool One

    Thank God for this video on how to walk with sticks. I’ve walked since I was a tiny baby, but never realized how wrong I was doing it. Instead of looking like a blonde Scandinavian Norseman, I must have appeared to be a circus chimpanzee all these decades. Embarrassing.

  • miketh2005

    Why is this better than regular walking for exercise? All I see is that your using some muscles in your arm, but that’s all…

  • Adventure Buddies

    Good Question, thanks!
    Nordic Walking improves focus and spine function – significantly, not just a little bit!
    We lose spine function as we age; Nordic Walking helps to rotate and elongate the spine by recruiting the muscles that support the spine – specifically the latissimus dorsi, lower trapezius and oblique muscles. Once you feel the power, the lengthened stride, the improved endurance, you’ll love the attitude you gain even without poles. It’s not magic, it’s healthy walking

  • Adventure Buddies

    As with any new skill, start nice and easy. Try Nordic Walking (and do learn optimal technique) for 5 minutes once or twice a day. Work up incrementally so that your body accepts the new movement. Celebrate small victories and then build on them. I cannot stress this enough.

    Progressively learning a new skill is the way to achieve muscle memory. For more info: visit PolesForMobility (dot) com

    Enjoy! jayah

  • Adventure Buddies

    I don’t know. Glad you like the post.

  • Thin Thin Rodgers

    Thanks for asking the same question i had in mind when i came across the video. The answer was what I was looking for. Thanx.

  • Thin Thin Rodgers

    that is so amazing. You encouraged me to do the right thing, not just exercising, also eat right.

  • Adventure Buddies

    That’s true and that’s what you want.
    Optimal walking form engages spinal rotation – imagine someone squirting WD-40 into your spine as you walk – major lubrication from movement.
    So – obliques, lats and triceps – walking with ATTITUDE, walking YOUNG.
    Very healthy! Enjoy!

  • pcfxer

    This is good actually. A proper punch (in defense) should use your tricep. The bicep is only used to return the fist into it’s stance position.