Physical Therapist Shows How To Walk Correctly


Instruction Begins: 1:00
Walking Demonstration: 3:07

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Orange County Physical Therapist and Certified Functional Manual Therapist, Dr. Lin talks about how the hip, the legs, and the arms correlate to proper walking, and how it can help you walk more efficiently. Proper walking helps prevent pain and other chronic injuries.

Not all exercises, suggestions, and recommendations presented here are suitable for everyone and are in no way substitute for medical counseling.

These exercises may result in injury. Any user of this program assumes the risk of injury and holds harmless and releases Dr. Justin Lin and Rehab and Revive Physical Therapy, Inc. from any and all liability in connection with the program and advice herein.

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  • Zen

    This is Awesome.
    Could you do one on running correctly?

  • Sierrathegoat

    I walk so weirdly and this really helps!

  • Ahmed Saleh

    I really want to thank you. profusely.

  • Nemo

    This is good. I too am a weird walker and I fear being arrested. I will practise walking like you.

  • AimhackG

    You forgot one thing. If you swing your arms really hard you are going to develop 10 pack abs.

  • filibuster1995

    Thank you so much for this video. I’m 20 years old, and ever since I was like 13, it’s always bugged me that my gait was off. Of course, that affected my posture, and ultimately my confidence. it hasn’t even been 15 minutes since I watched this and I’m already standing up straight and walking swiftly. You’re truly a blessing.

  • MrAustinValentine

    what about proper technique for climbing/descending stairs, jogging, sprinting, standing up, kneeling down, ect?

    • Rehab and Revive

      +MrAustinValentine YES! We actually do have videos on How to Ascend/Descend stairs with pain/cane. You can find them on our channel 🙂 Thank you for showing interest in our videos! 

      Here are the links for the two videos:

    • Vette gaddia

      +Rehab and Revive My physical therapist said to slightly bend knees before your feet hit the ground. He said you don’t want to walk with too straight leg. Is he correct? He also said to slightly bend knee when standing. This is very hard for me. And since I’ve bend my knee slightly when I walk, my left leg feels tight. Please advice. Thank you for your help.

    • RandomQuestion

      ….I want to know this too / /

  • ASven!

    How to walk:

    Step one:…
    Step two:…
    Step three:..

    Now you know how to walk.

    • ASven!

      +Daniel Miller
      Um, I only watched it because the title was so dumb. I didn’t search it up you know.

    • game highlights and edits

      +Klintskar Exellent use of your time.

    • ASven!

      +game highlights and edits The only time I waste is commenting with you guys, because I didn’t even watch the whole video. But still, you guys are hilarius so I’m not wasting any time at all, haha.

    • game highlights and edits

      +Klintskar lmao

  • SnowToad

    okay use butts to talk got it

  • arnold fredrick

    This is mind blowing, I always felt like walking was a bit awkward and believed it was due to my height, but this makes so much sense! Thanks doctor.

    • Rehab and Revive

      +arnold fredrick You are welcome! Stay Connected!  
      Twitter: RehabandRevive


  • Špela Bajec

    I walk very strangly… It is becouse of the way i have been sitting as a child (its like sitting on your knees, but pushing your knees on tge side, so your butt is on the floor and your knees are besides it). I am still at a very young age and have been bullied a lot becouse of the way I walk… Nobody knows ot really… Even at home my mom says I walk like a pine for some reason, it really hurts my feelings… My knees also have a wierd shape and are pushed really intp my leg… My knees do not look normal at all and also some people said, that i shouldnt be pushing my knees into my leg (like leaning back on my leg)… And I am supposed to think when I walk… But I just don’t know how to walk normally, becouse I never did… Also ny ankles and knees pop a lot if you know what I mean, if i do squats it pops several times, it doesnt hurt doe… I just wish every single day I could wake up be able to walk normally, without thinking about it… And when somebody makes fun of me it really makes me feel unhappy with what and who I am, like that one little detail changes who I am, and also before maybe seeing or walking away from sonebody always makes me feel akward becouse I have been made fun of so many times I am used to it and I think that everyone does it…. But than again, it is something special about me, maybe I was meant to be diffrent in some way…

    • bangmeister2012

      Špela Bajec I also walk weird and people “whisper” to their friends that I walk weird. I figured that the best way to fix my walk is to buy a treadmill, video monitor and a camera. That way I can tweak my walk in real time

    • Assael Almaraz

      I understand dude imagine if no one ever told us maybe we wouldn’t give any shits and we wouldn’t have to go through this to get “normal” at walking

    • alejandra ramos

      Špela Bajec omg I experience the same exact thing as you and I feel your pain

    • Banksy

      Špela Bajec I don’t know if you will reply after a year but i i’m currently going thru the same
      problem as you, it also started like you sitting in a W shape as a child, i i’m 20 now and have been going to atleast 20 appointments in 3 years and they couldn’t find anything… i’m abit stuck and don’t know what to do i had to leave school and after years of having this i still worry is their any way to fix it?

    • sTaR

      Everything that you said right there is me I feel you…i got the same exact problems

  • Raven Bourdon

    Thanks you for this. I had an ankle injury thAt seemed like Achilles tendonitis for about 2 months. Yesterday was the first day I felt no pain from it, but I’ve been limping for so long I forgot how to walk properly. Now I can start training myself to walk again!

    • Rehab and Revive

      You are very welcome! I hope you check out our other videos about foot and ankle as well.

    • Shawn Jones

      Unfortunately i always mess up my other joint by favoring it and putting al the weight on it while I walk improperly for days/weeks/months so thats the same reason I came.

  • †ANGÉ|†

    I didn’t know I’d end up researching how to walk.

  • Devil Gene

    I always get told I walk “funny” but then I slap them with my strong hand

  • Oprah Mainverson

    did people really search for this?

  • Cairns Chaos

    Alot of people say to me that I walk like a gangster or that I look like I’m gonna stab someone. Supposedly I sway from side side while walking and its really annoying hearing it.

    • Silent Walker

      Its ok for you I can’t walk like a gangster, I’ve always wanted to walk like a gangster

    • Marisol Kurosaki

      If only that was my problem. I just look horrible period.


      Cairns Chaos I heard the whole Gangster posturing comment before too! Lol. Apparently I walk around “really unpredictably”. So yeah. Funny thing is, I am 6 foot. Somewhat jacked. But a total academic. Nerd and introvert. Lol

      Not a gangster. So even more unexpected.

    • Steve Smekar

      Imagine how it is for someone seeing you do it.

    • vic twenty

      so your a swayer lol when your drunk you really sway hard

  • Starlight Blossom

    when you’re tired of people making fun of the way you walk so you come here

  • twoonefour

    I’m here because people think I’m gay because of how I walk

    • bangmeister2012

      Adrianne Dude i have a similar situation. I use to walk normal but then I got a night time job in 12th grade. I vacummed buildings and hated my job so much that I told myself I would go on auto pilot while I worked. I started walking choppy and people said I walked gay ever since. If only I could remember how to walk normal again. I’ve had depression this whole time because of it. I think I can fix it though if I buy a a treadmill, camera and a screen monitor. That way I can watch myself walk and adjust the walk until i get it right. I recommend you do the same

    • bangmeister2012

      the professor ! So what? Its his decision

    • dreamsalamander

      Hips are meant to rotate when we walk. It actually looks less flamboyant than it feels. I know cos I filmed myself to understand better. Because of gender dismoprhia, men and women trying to hard to act the exaggerated opposite of each other, 2 distortions happen. Men freeze the hips, and that rotational torque gets translates into a waddle. So you see the whole body rocking side to side, especially visible at the shoulders. Women on the other hand don’t properly rotate either, but pop the hips from side to side. Proper rotation looks like neither of this. My uphill running has felt more powerful ever since I understood that the pelvis rotates along with the rear leg. To be exact the rear leg’s movement power is initiated by a rear pelvis and glute rotation. I think this is true glute activation, not just tensing them but leading with them.

  • Yogesh Singh

    hello awkward walkers… You are not alone..

  • Christine McPeak

    headaches for months. I believe it’s forward head posture…so…yeah… apparently I need to learn how to walk. haha and have good posture 🙂