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City Walk: Walking and Depression

‘Walking is the quickest anti-depressant on the market today,’ reports author and psychologist John Arden, PhD. City Walk is a unique six-part series that reveals the way walking is transforming cities across America, and in the process, re-connecting us to our bodies, our civic values and public space. As the show explores the walkability of these communities, viewers will learn about American history by exploring culturally rich neighborhoods, stunning architecture, monuments and beautiful parks that have helped […]

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Workplace Walking — Case Study: Kaiser Permanente

Exercising while on the job may seem impossible, but there are many ways to incorporate physical activity into your workplace. All it takes is a little planning and creativity to squeeze in a little movement each day. Taking the stairs, parking further away from the workplace and walking around the office when you can are good places to start. Physical activity at work has benefits for the employer as well; it can lead to improved productivity, less […]

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