Walking After a Stroke


When Daniela had a stroke at the age of 18, walking again became a major step in her rehabilitation. Hear her inspirational story of recovery. Plus, therapists explain how important it is to get patients with brain injuries to take those crucial first steps, how the desire to walk again can be a great motivator, and how even the smallest steps can mean big improvements. Listen in as Daniela attempts to regain something most of us take for granted.

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  • MegaBlueEyezz

    you were 13?? wow – so young. what kind of aerobic exercise do you do??? how do you feel it benefits you?

  • MegaBlueEyezz

    have you recovered?? how long ago was your stroke??

  • ai van

    I ride a bicycle. I bought special shoes and pedals that clip in so it’s rather safe.
    I guess it helps loosen up my muscles and deliver oxygen to my brain.

  • ai van

    I have foot drop in my left leg. My left arm is weaker than before.
    My stroken happened in 2003.

  • MegaBlueEyezz

    glad the biking helps you. do you still see improvements after all this time? thanks for sharing your experience!!!!

  • Ayo Gusto

    i will never lose hope!

  • MegaBlueEyezz

    good attitude!!

  • Brenda Batista


  • Brenda Batista

    I had a stroke 9 years ago ( 2004 ) when I was 8 , I’m 17 now and I’m still struggling with my right side , this is not easy .

  • Guzelsin Ahu

    Inspirational video… my son had a stroke 3 weeks ago, it’s terrible for me, his 22 years old, healthy boy,…he can’t move his left side, it make me so bad, sad….I never though it happen with my son, I have faith him ll be the same as before, and can walk, draw, and play piano & guitar as before :((

  • Pedro Hernandez

    I just had an stroke on October 24 2013 and I lost the coordination and sensation on my whole left side . This video really gives me encouragement to continue to keep the right attitude to walk again . God bless .

  • johnathan stith

    I had a stroke nine months ago still recovering keep fighting

  • Leonard Salcedo

    I hade a stroke last year in december and i was 16 years old

  • Eli Mash

    i had a stroke.  i am 62 and in good shape.  God bless you!

  • Laggy McLag

    i thought i was young having a stroke @ 25. good luck, hope you make a decent recovery

  • steve kierstead

    when the doctors asked me what was the one thing I wanted to do after my stroke. I said walk

    • steve kierstead

      Sevin Sinister how’s that working for you

    • steve kierstead

      ya my left hand is to. the doctors told me the arm and hand will be the last thing to come back because of where they are in the brain, but don’t give up.

    • Jimmy Walker

      +Sevin Sinister try heat on the finger tips or pain when I use a lighter on my finger my hand opens up

  • Larry Baines

    my stoke affected left side april 2015–

    • Jimmy Walker

      +Larry Baines I fought it and nearly won I can ride a pushbike walk miles row this in the picture took up power kitting this year jump on the spot left hand still useless with grip try never say die living with stroke 18 years 57 now

    • Diwash Thapa

      how long it took to recover?

    • Jimmy Walker

      +Diwash Thapa I do not have total recovery I have limited recovery

    • Timvon Salter

      I had 2 strokes at the same time at 18 years old out of nowhere in February of 2014 while being a college athlete my left side is still numb and I drool from time to time but intensive therapy and the will to be “normal” again drives me to attain what I lost that day. Stay positive my fellow stroke survivors. It’s mind over matter

  • Michael Hayes

    Hi Daniela, I also suffered a stroke very recently at age 27. My right arm recovered very quickly but I’m having some balance issues with my right leg. Its good to see you working hard and keeping a positive attitude. You look great. Keep up the hard work.

  • MStax83

    best advice I got during my stroke was if I don’t use my affected side I WOULD LOSE IT. That’s all I thought of during rehab.

  • keith brown

    I had a stroke on December 18th i was walking again 2 and half weeks later my left hand still kinda weak but it’s getting better the stroke was scary